Jonathan DeSimone


JonathanI first started Boy Scouts just before I became 14 years old, and I had no scouting experience prior to this. Becoming Eagle was a goal since the beginning and I had inspiration from my dad’s friends, who are also Eagles. Being 16, I have 2 more years and I’m going to make the best of it. Being Eagle is definitely a major milestone in my life.
Thank you Troop 209Jonathan at Bens 
Eagle Scout
Jonathan DeSimoneEagle Scout Rank   April 26, 2007Bronze Eagle Palm(s)   1
Gold Eagle Palm(s)   1
Silver Eagle Palm(s)   1

My Eagle Project
Reorganization of St. Robert Bellarmine Elemntary/Middle School’s “earthquake bin” to provide a safer and more functional means of supplying emergency and medical supplies in case of a disaster, from the ground up, for the studens, falculty, parishoners, and nearby community.

Total hours: 130+

Merit Badges  (36)
citizenship community
citizenship nation
citizenship world
crime prevention
emergency preparedness
environmental science
family life
fire safety
Composite Materials
Pulp and Paper
Soil Water
first aid
mammal study
personal fitness
personal management
shotgun shooting
snow sports
wilderness survival
wood carving

Special Awards & Commendations  (9)
4 year service star
Duty to God Award
Triple Crown Award
Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster
Boy Scout Life Guard Certification
Boy Scout World Conservation
first place orienteering
jr. leadership

Offices Held
assisant patrol leader (Timber Wolves)
patrol leader (Timber Wolves)
instructor (3 terms of 6 months)
Florida Sea Base Crew Leader
Northern Tier Crew Leader
Senior Patrol Leader (Emerald Bay)

Jr. Leadership Program

Burbank Sheriff Explores
Burbank Police Department Explorers March 28, 2005
Graduated Explorer Academy, January 2008

Appointment to U.S. Naval Academy, January 2009
Philmont High Adventure Camp
Florida Sea Base High Adventure
Northern Tier High Adventure
Tae Kwon Do instructor at JK Tae Kwon Do
Burbank High School 100 service hours
St. Roberts Confirmation youth councelor
Burbank High School Track
Scholar Athlete Award (2007)
Earned Letter in the sport of track and field
Bellarmine Award (2005; highest award at St. Robert’s)
St. Robert Bellarmine Honor Guard (2005)
Graduated with honors through Clifornia Junior Scholarship Federation(2005)
2nd place in LA Archdiocese Dcathlon (subject: Religion)
3rd Dan Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (2004)
3rd Dan Black Belt in Hapkido (2005)
Star Student Award at Burbank High School (2006)
4th Degree Master of Tae Kwon Do, December 2007


Jonathan DeSimone –  Eagle Project:

Like most schools, St. Robert Bellarmine Elementary School in Burbank has an emergency disaster plan. In February 2007, the plan is being inspected by a CA state agency. Part of the plan consists of a building called the earthquake bin. This building houses all of the water, food, shelter and medical supplies of the plan. This building has to be clean, organized, safe and made accessible. In event of an emergency, the supplies in this building should consist of enough for 300 students and people for 3 days. As of now this building is more a hazard than a potential life saving structure. The building has been used for storage for the past 5 years. It is cluttered from top to bottom with junk that has been accumulating and no one knows what to do with. There is no food that can be seen and the water has not been replaced in years. In fact, the current water has an expiration dated 1996. There is no inventory list of medical supplies. All the supplies need to be audited, inventoried, labeled, calculated and if needed, replaced.In addition, each of the classrooms should have a first aid emergency kit. Each kit has about a dozen survival essentials. these kits need to be audited, inventoried, labeled and if needed, purchased and or replaced.

Collectively with planning, preparation, and execution we worked 130+ hours. I delegated assignments to 21 scouts, family and friends on 7 days in the period between October 2006 and February 2007 *Comparative shopped in several stores to find the best prices and purchased bins, shelving, survival supplies, food and water.
*Cleared a safe path to get upstairs by organizing boxes, bags, packages and stuff strewn about everywhere down stairs.
*Sorted and organized 10 boxes, bags and garbage pails of school clothing, supplies and lost & found items.
*Organized 70 boxes, bags, packages, stuff and put them on shelves instead of strewn about everywhere upstairs.
*Analyzed and threw away many soiled, infested and damaged items.
*Swept, vacuumed and cleaned both down stairs and up stairs.
*Audited and inventoried 40 shelves containing 90 boxes, bins, bags, etc… of first aid and survival supplies.
*Sifted through over 150 blankets, kept the good ones and repacked them in bins that lock tight to protect from the elements.
*Measured, cut, made and installed shelves for the blanket cabinets so more food and first aid supplies can be organized and stored.
*Removed, emptied, rinsed and refilled 24- 5 gallon jugs of water.
*Audited and inventoried survival supply bins from all classrooms.
*Purchased missing supplies to fill classroom survival supply bins.
*Purchased supplies to fill 3 new additional classroom survival supply bins.
*Purchased emergency food and water to fulfill the schools needs.
*Purchased about $2500 of food and supplies all of which was reimbursed by the school. I was able to get a discount on some items. I met with store managers and or distributed letters of need for donations to this project for which as of yet received no response.Although it was a lot of hard work, I had a lot of fun executing and accomplishing this project. It strengthened relationships with all the scouts involved. It was great to work with staff from my previous school whom I admire. It was so cool telling dad what to do without him talking back to me. It is very satisfying knowing I played and important role in assuring the safety and survival of so many people. It made me wonder how many people are not prepared and reinforced in my life the motto, “Be Prepared”.